Wotofo Conqueror Mini RTA

Ohm My E-Cig Kloof Durban Vape Shop Has stock of this great 22mm post-less RTA. I’ve paired this little beauty up with my RX Mini http://www.ohmmyecig.co.za/product/wismec-reuleaux-rx-mini-80w-box-mod-jay-bo-designs/ and the two of them are a match made in heaven.



The Tank is a standard 22 mm diameter unit that offers a 2.5 ml capacity. The Conqueror is manufactured using reliable Pyrex glass and stainless steel, along with a 510-pin that’s gold-plated. Size-wise, it’s a mere 39 mm long. The Conqueror looks great. The stainless-steel appearance always seems to look great with black accents, and this device makes excellent use of that design choice. It looks great on all Mods and the flavour is on par with the Serpent mini 22mm and 25mm. Working with the post-less deck is not an issue at all and Wicking it is as easy as 1.2.3.


So do not hesitate to swing by Ohm My E-Cig Kloof Durban Vape Shop and Grab one of these little Gems.


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